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How to keep in touch with friends and family during coronavirus

Keep in touch

I think we can all agree that one of the hardest parts of lockdown has been not being able to see the people we love and care about deepest, whether this is family, partners or friends. We all know that staying away is not only helping the country and the NHS but also protecting those we care about and ourselves too but that doesn’t make it any less difficult.

During coronavirus limitations, I, alongside my friends and family, have used creative ways we have stayed in contact and active in each other’s lives. I’d like to share some of the things I have done to keep in touch and show them I care. I hope you take inspiration and keep in regular contact with your friends and family.

Keep In Touch with Family

Messaging is a quick and easy way to keep in touch but there’s nothing quite like hearing someone’s voice. I have been calling (as well as messaging) my family, especially grandparents, to check up on them and hearing their voices is comforting and calming during this time for me.

Give them a ‘happiness boost’ by sending them a gift in the post. I sent flowers to my grandparents for Easter to let them know I was thinking of them.

With my Dad, we have done a quiz night over video chat so we could still have fun even at a distance! After my sister’s birthday, I sent him a photo postcard from the day as he couldn’t be there but so he could still share in the family celebration.

Keep In Touch with Friends

My friends and I have kept in touch with the usual methods of social media and texting. I’m used to seeing my work friends 5 days a week, so we organise a weekly group call which often goes on late into the night! We use apps such as Houseparty as it offers games and trivia within the app so we can combine a form of group activity with catching up.

I have gone old school, writing letters and sending them in the post or putting them through their letterbox on my walks. To make it a little more fun and personal, I include some little keepsakes, such as photos from day trips we took together or some homemade origami. I thought doing this would give them something positive for now but also to keep and give them something to smile about in the future.

Keep In Touch after Lockdown

Coming up with these different ways of communicating and staying in touch with my friends and family has made being away from those I miss that little bit easier. These ideas can also apply outside of lockdown, if your family aren’t local or when you change/leave school, college or university!

I hope this has given you some ‘keep in touch’ ideas if you have also found staying apart difficult! Please share ways you keep in touch with friends and family in the comment box below to share with other young people.

Abbie, Lead Young Ambassador




Abbie Trussler
No5 Lead Young Ambassador

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