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A Week in the Life of a 20-year-old During a Global Pandemic by Abbie

Abbie's diary during the pandemic

Over the next week, I will be sharing a glimpse into my life during the pandemic, as a young person of twenty. The idea of this is to show you that the week isn’t always perfect (as we ourselves are not) and to give an idea of what goes on outside of our own bubbles (I love being a little nosey)!

Monday 8th February 2021

Today is Monday, the beginning of the typical work/school week, but not for me! I work full time in retail and with the introduction of bubbles to keep us safer at work, Monday is my new Sunday! So to start this day off right, I had a little lie-in in my duvet cocoon. My original plan was to get up early but my body wanted a little more rest, so I listened and did as asked.

Once I had got up and started the day I was packing orders for my small business, ready to post later in the day. This is a new challenge I set myself during Lockdown 3.0 to keep myself busy and have something positive to work towards. I also find it a good de-stressor as I crochet my items to sell, so it is a double bubble!

I then finally convinced myself to empty my bins in my room and put away the pile of clean washing that had been staring me in the face for days. This was a task that I kept putting off as it seemed like too much effort and I felt I didn’t have the energy. I took a moment to look at this feeling and I just didn’t feel like standing as that is what I do all day, every day at work! My solution: sit on my desk chair whilst folding and putting stuff in drawers. Did this make the task take longer? Yes… but I got it done and felt good about it and that is what matters!

After completing all my tasks, I had my lunch and got bundled up for a socially distanced walk in the snow with a friend. It felt really good to get out and do some exercise, and being able to catch up with a friend really got more positivity flowing through my body! At this time, I did also stop off and post my orders so that I could reduce the need for a non-essential trip.

Shivering due to the weather, we decided to wrap up the exercise after walking 5,000 steps! I used the time to warm myself up by watching some TikTok videos and sharing them with my friends. Sometimes this is the only conversation we will have as it gets tricky to talk about the same things every day so we find this is a great way to show we are thinking about each other and even start a conversation up!

After scrolling for about an hour, I decided it was now time to start some work on a workshop I would be delivering but also use this time to listen to some music to get my creativity flowing! Shortly after it was time for dinner and then a lovely catch up with my fellow No5 Young Ambassadors.

Feeling tired from my very busy day off, I put on a film and did some more crochet to relax my mind. I find doing these 2 activities together works well as I often feel guilty about just taking time to watch a film and it beats sitting in silence whilst crocheting!

When I was winding down my day and getting ready for bed, my mood started to shift. I had gone from feeling all happy and motivated to feeling flat and sad. I picked up my phone and rang my boyfriend, we had a chat about it and I decided that after having such a positive day I wasn’t looking forward to the mundane everyday tasks for the rest of the week. We then had a little laugh about really random things and I listened to him talk about how his day was too. I felt more at ease after this call and called it a night, looking forward to waking up refreshed again in the morning. Take a look at my next day in this diary series covering Tuesday.

Abbie, Lead Young Ambassador





Abbie Trussler
No5 Lead Young Ambassador

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