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A Week in the Life of a 20-year-old During a Global Pandemic: Part III

Abbie's diary during the pandemic

So this is my final part in my diary series following Monday and mid-week entries. Thanks for reading so far.

Thursday 11th and Friday 12th February 2021

I don’t have much to say about Thursday and Friday as they were both just filled with work and nothing super exciting, so enjoy a combined instalment of a week in the life of a 20-year-old during a global pandemic. Do read my first and previous diary entries.

Waking up in the mornings still feels tough at the moment but going to work gives my day a purpose. This was one thing I struggled with when furloughed in the first lockdown and a reason why I have committed more to my passions (crochet and content creating).

At work, I continued to safely talk with my co-workers as well as participate in some health and wellbeing challenges! Due to the store being split into two working bubbles, they have set up a fun competition that involves some physical and mental activities. I am very grateful for this as some days it is the only exercise I do due to my working hours and the lack of daylight in these winter months! I never realised how much actually doing physical activity impacted my mood and helps to clear my mind until the last year and when the weather starts to improve I definitely want to prioritize it more!

On Thursday evening, I did do some more crochet to clear my mind a bit as work had been a little stressful! These orders were then posted on Friday, ready for Valentines Day and it felt good to know something I had made would put a smile on someone’s face!

To keep up with doing some creative activities, I did some work on my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. Due to the majority of our relationship being in Lockdowns and Covid restrictions, I decided to create date cards we could do together when things are lifted in the future! I think we have all been guilty of saying “oh when the lockdown is lifted we will do …”, so I took what we had said and put it on the cards. I think it was nice to get these out of my brain and having them “planned” made the fact that we are apart a little less upsetting. I also added a scrapbook to this so we can put them in with photos when completed as after all the waiting it will be nice to look back on! It can feel hopeless thinking about tomorrow as things are always changing but this felt like progress and something that brings hope!

I couldn’t believe it was already Friday, time definitely feels weird at the moment or is that just me? I find Friday bittersweet as it means my working week is nearly done but the looming thought of 4 days in my room begins to linger in my brain too. As my sister is off from school, she gets to work in the family room and my mum working from home, she has the study. This, unfortunately, leaves my working and living space as my room and those 4 walls can become tiresome. I have bought a peg-board to allow me to add some more working from home storage but also so I can add and swap out quotes and photos regularly to change the decor a little!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my week during COVID-19!
Abbie, Lead Young Ambassador





Abbie Trussler
No5 Lead Young Ambassador

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