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5 Simple Things YOU Can Do In Mental Health Awareness Week!

There is a lot of large scale action going on in mental health awareness week, so we thought we would share 5 simple ways you can get involved and make an impact:

  1. Follow mental health charities and take part in their campaigns

Taking part in campaigns helps make an impact to both the charity and the cause behind their campaign, often achieved through a fun and engaging challenge or way of participating. We have our Young Ambassador’s #MakeitforMay campaign running throughout the month including a 5K in May Challenge!

  1. Become a donor to a mental health charity

You can become a regular donor or give a one-off donation to No5 here! Your contribution allows us to meet more local young people and provide the support they ask for!

  1. Share your story (if you feel ready to)

Sharing your story can be powerful to both others facing the same challenge and for you to look back on and see how you have grown into who you are today! Our Young Ambassador, Hannah, shared her story here!

  1. Spread the word by sharing what mental health charities and organisations are doing

This helps more people engage and learn about their mental health and spread the hard work charities like No5 are doing! The more people that are engaging can contribute to a larger impact on the work No5 set out to achieve and also hear from more young people in our area.

  1. Take time to look after your own mental health!

This is the most important one on the list as above all you need to look after YOU!


You can share these tips or save them as a reminder with the image below:


Get Involved

Your support through fundraising allows us to carry on supporting young people’s mental health.

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