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Fighting for a Better Mental Health Future Through Food

Hello from Fink Street Food!

At Fink, we are fighting for a better health future for everyone. We share No5’s vision of a world where young people don’t feel alone in dealing with mental issues and that support is accessible to all.


We are using the vehicle of street food and shared dining experiences to promote vital charities and challenge negative perceptions of mental ill-health. As a social enterprise, we use 50% of our profits to support mental health initiatives, projects and charities such as No5.


We want to break down historical stigma and promote speaking openly about mental health as the norm. This is why we chose something accessible and relatable like food as a way of getting our messaging through. Everyone has to eat, food brings people together and eating together helps us connect with others!


Through educational interactive signage and tools such as our “5 Steps To Mental Wellbeing” guide, we aim to encourage each customer who visits us to take a moment out to consider their own mental wellbeing and what they can do to improve it. It’s also really important to us that we connect them with the amazing charities we support such as No5. We do this through scannable QR codes and No5 signage on our “Beat The Stigma” info board.  By signposting the importance of the work No5 do, we hope to empower our adult customers in being the best support they can be for the young people in their lives.


Looking to the future, we are planning to deliver cooking classes for No5 as a way of encouraging young people to learn new skills and raise self-esteem. We are super excited about getting these off the ground soon!


Ultimately, we aim to create a better mental health future, we all have to better understand the challenges and pressures young people are under today. Covid, lockdowns, home schooling and social isolation will have had a huge impact on their lives. We all have to come together to make anyone who needs it can access the support they need. This is why we are so passionate about supporting No5 and it’s awesome team of Young Ambassadors.


To sign off, we’d just like to say a huge thank you to all our customers whose support means we can help No5 in reaching more young people in need. This is social enterprise in action!


Team Fink x


If you would like to learn more about our mission or simply try our food you can find us every Wednesday and Friday at Blue Collar Market from 11.30 – 14.30


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Your support through fundraising allows us to carry on supporting young people’s mental health.

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