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50th Anniversary Museum Exhibiton

No5 Young People Launch Their 50th Anniversary Museum Display at Reading Museum

We are excited to announce that our anniversary display marking 50 years of No5 will be launching on Tuesday 9th August in Reading Museum!

The collection contains archival material marking 50 years of providing counselling, information, advice, training and outreach, along with contemporary art created by local young people. Some items in the collection have been lent to No5 by a member of the public who volunteered at No5 throughout the 1970s.

Across 4 workshops, funded by Berkshire Community Foundation and John Sykes Foundation, local young people worked alongside artist, Carla Conte, and artist and No5 Young Ambassador, Elii Daly, to express and share their mental health journeys through various mediums such as charcoal, pastel and ink drawing, collaging and clay sculpting.


More about the Art Project

These workshops form part of our alternative and preventative support projects that have been devised to help address escalating numbers of young people in need of help. We have experienced a year-on-year increase in demand for their services, never more so than as a direct result of the pandemic. In the last year alone, we have received 827 requests for help from young people and their families – a 224% increase on the previous year.

About the project, Jon Yates, CEO of Berkshire Community Foundation, said: “After the year we have just had, I believe the value of No5 Young People’s work is more apparent than ever. We were delighted to fund this project as it was such an innovative way to support young people through some of the toughest times of their lives, in a real and tangible way. The evidence is in the beautiful artworks that they have created, which will hopefully help raise awareness of mental health, not just amongst their peers but also within the wider community.”

The John Sykes Foundation were delighted to award one of its Covid-19 Relief Fund grants that was launched in June to No5 Young People. On receiving the application, the Board of Trustees were overwhelmed by the statistics of how the pandemic has affected the young people of Reading.

Annabelle Sykes, Trustee of the John Sykes Foundation commented “This was one of the quickest applications that has been accepted for a grant so far since our launch, we are great believers in early intervention, especially for mental health and we hope this grant is successful in assisting local young people with their mental health and look forward to seeing the results of the workshops.”

Carly Newman, Operations and Relationships Manager at No5 said: “it was a privilege to work alongside local young people throughout these workshops and watch their artwork come together. Their work is a fantastic contemporary addition to the archival material that charts No5’s 50-year history which will be on display. Huge credit must go to Carla and Elii for running these sessions, and we are so grateful to Berkshire Community Foundation and John Sykes Foundation for funding and supporting this work”.



No5’s 50th Anniversary display opens in Reading Museum at 10am on Tuesday 10th August and will be on show until November 2021.

Be sure to take a photo when you visit the display and tag us on social medias using @no5youngpeople and #No5is50


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