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Back to School – by Hannah

With school around the corner for most, we should reflect on the importance of first days – for they begin the adventure that we are about to embark on. The beauty of first days is that they are the beginning. They bring so much opportunity and promise, whereas last days are a closing.

First days are often rife with anxiety. Whether it is your first, first day or your last. They don’t get easier. But instead of focusing on the worry that comes with the upcoming term – try to think about the excitement of the day itself. When you take one day at a time, you really stop and focus on the good in that day. The way the sky looked when you got up that morning, the taste of your breakfast, the rush of seeing your friends again or even the joy of making new friends. When you focus only on the day at hand, you are not worried about the future. You are not focused on what the year might bring but instead find the beauty in your first day back, helping you to really appreciate every moment. When we begin to appreciate the smaller things, our mood elevates and anxiety lessons, as we are not worrying about the future but instead we are present in the now.

One of my favourite parts of going back to school was the feeling of learning something new. Even if I found the topic difficult, I’ve worked on myself and I’ve expanded my current knowledge to include something that I did not understand or know about. That is an amazing feeling. Reflect on what excites you about school and channel that into your drive for the day.

Take into account that school is often a difficult time. So, your feelings of anxiety are completely valid. But try to relieve some of that anxiety in the comfort of your loved ones. They’ve been in your position too, and it is highly likely that they felt all the emotions you are feeling today. Ask for their advice and support and remember that they are on your side.

With all this in mind, tell yourself how proud you are of you. You have made it to another year, enjoy it, and don’t let your anxieties limit your possibilities.

By Hannah Pither – Young Ambassador

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