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Covid Conversations

Young people have told us that during and since the Covid-19 pandemic that they have been struggling with loneliness and reconnecting so No5 wanted to provide a safe space to be heard and process these experiences. These sessions have been named ‘Covid Conversations’.

Young people will be asked to bring an object, or photo of an object, that either represents their experience of lockdown, or was important to them ‘getting through’ lockdown. They will take turns to talk about their object and share their experiences of lockdown.

The sessions will be in groups of up to 15 and will be led by a counsellor, who will ensure everyone will have equal opportunity to talk, and no one will be interrupted while they are sharing.

To express your interest and let us know you availability please fill in this form:

Feedback from previous sessions:

‘Sharing with the group, I realised that where I had felt disconnected and isolated – to be able to hear from others, and share my own experience, gave a huge sense of connection and community. I felt seen and heard, although each of our experiences were different (sometimes hugely), there were parts that connected us. Thank you No5 for giving me, us, the unhurried space to reflect and connect with others around me. It was more valuable than I had imagined.’

“It felt really good to be able to get everything off my chest”

“There is power in one off group sessions as you can say what you need to say and know that as a group you will never all be together again so it is left in that space”

“it was nice to be able to share and also listen to others”

“I found it very therapeutic on a personal level, and it was also really interesting to hear other folks’ experiences of the pandemic too. If anything, I think it brought some reality to the situation — I often found that lockdown felt like some kind of fever dream, especially when going back home after I moved out, so talking about it and recognizing that it happened was good for me.”

‘Bringing an item to share with the group helped give me a concrete point of focus in order to reflect properly for the first time on the impact that the pandemic has had on me personally but also fascinating to listen to other people’s experiences which were often different to mine.’

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