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ORU Guest Blog for World Mental Health Day

With the focus of October the 10th being the official world mental health day, the team at ORU Clothing Company have been fundraising alongside No.5 Young People to gather donations, helping No.5 gain the funding and resources they need in order to run the incredible charity itself.


In terms of fundraising, we had this idea of doing a pub quiz to raise as much money as we could in donations for No.5 Young People. We reached out to the Rose & Crown, Sandhurst, to ask if this is something we could possibly do. Of course they said yes- they are well known for their regular charity fundraising events; and obviously it’s our local so it’s a win win for us! The pub quiz is on the 13th October- more details on our Instagram (@oruclothingcompany). We can’t wait!


Why would a clothing company work with a mental health charity you may ask? Well, here at ORU, the meaning behind our brand name is ‘to be unchanged’, originating from a southern Asian language years and years ago. To us, we have interpreted the word ‘ORU’ to mean to be yourself, and not feeling like you need to change yourself into what society wants and expects, especially in this day and age, where social media, trends etc can really make you question your authentic self.


We thought No.5 would be the perfect charity to team up with. Their compassion and positive energy for wanting to help young people, drives us to want to work with them. The ORU team are all young males ourselves, and with a mixture of backgrounds and upbringings within our team, all of us want to spread the same message- your mental health matters. Follow your own journey in life. Understand it. Nurture, grow and love your own journey, but all at your own pace. Learn to ignore what everyone else is doing around you. We all do life differently. Find happiness in what you have achieved already in your life.


Again with it being mental health day, reflect on yourself and if you are struggling, reach out to literally anyone. That could be a friend, a family member, work colleague or even simply talking to your pet! But never be scared to ask for help if you need it. Take walks in fresh air, drink water, find a new hobby or something you enjoy. Always remember to check on your friends too, and support each other throughout your journeys. After all, it has been an extremely challenging year for everyone’s mental health around the globe.


Well, if you made it this far- thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our Instagram page @oruclothingcompany to see what we’re up to on our journey. By supporting us, you directly support No.5 Young People. ORU Clothing LTD pledged to donate 5% of all profits to No.5 Young People.


Big love, The ORU team x

Photo of the 4 team members of ORU

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Your support through fundraising allows us to carry on supporting young people’s mental health.

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