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Time to Talk Day 2022 – Ask Twice

Today is Time to Talk Day, set up by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness and in partnership with Co-Op, and it is the nations biggest mental health conversation!

Talking about mental health isn’t always easy and knowing how to start the conversation can be tricky, especially when most of us are asked ‘How are you?’ we respond with ‘fine’ or ‘good’. With this in mind we asked our Projects Coordinator, Abbie, to share with you some of her tips to get you started and highlight the importance of asking twice.


“I find asking people ‘how are you?’ followed by ‘how are your really?’ helps people to take a moment to reflect and consider how they are actually feeling in the moment.”


“Sometimes I change it to ‘how is everything?’, especially for my friends at University, as they may be feeling okay whilst we are together but their course or flatmates may be causing them stress. This gives them a chance to let it out without feeling they are complaining or burdening me with their worries.” – Abbie Trussler, Projects Coordinator

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