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My Work Experience at No5

During the summer holidays, I did some work experience at No5 Young People and wanted to share what this was like with other young people!

When I first stepped into the building I was greeted by Carly and Abbie, they then introduced themselves and I was given a tour around the office. My first work experience task was an introduction video where Abbie recorded a video of me where I introduced myself and said what I was doing, this was then posted on No5’s social media. I then made a spreadsheet of all of  No5’s technology and all of their specifications, this was a very long but fulfilling task.


On my second day, I met with Ryan and Abbie where we brainstormed content ideas. We then made a video on how to keep up with friends during school holidays; this video was fun to do and re watching the videos was funny especially when one of us made a mistake and had to re-take the video! I also helped Carly by making a spreadsheet with all the books in the library and re organising them all, this was a long but fun task.


During Day 3, I continued with fixing up the library and updating the spreadsheet, this was quite a long day doing that, but it was fun because Ryan had bought everyone doughnuts, so I had that during my lunch break.


In Day 4, I planned a video with Nathanya and Hannah about results day and feelings. I also learnt advice from them, for example Hannah said how she was extremely stressed but she did in the end get the grades she wanted. I also spoke with some of the No5 staff about their experiences of further education which was very interesting. Nathanya also said how he didn’t get the grade he needed for his university, but he ended up as a counsellor – a completely different path from his original intention but he is very happy where he has ended up.


On Day 5, I walked around the counselling rooms with Abbie, and we wrote down what creative resources each room had to re-organise the rooms at a later date. I also sat with Carly and some counsellors where we discussed how to improve counselling sessions, we all shared our experiences of counselling and how we found It for ourselves.

In my last day I helped re-organise the counselling rooms and added what resources needed to be in each room. I then wrote up some feedback from young people into a spreadsheet.


My advice for other young people doing work experience:

For other young people doing work experience I would tell them to relax, it will be fun. The first few days may be stressful, but you will learn from it. It could even influence your career path!

Certainly, I really enjoyed working at No5 as the people are very friendly and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Thank you to the No5 team for a great opportunity and a great 6 days!


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