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World Mental Health Day 2023

This years theme for World Mental Health Day is ‘mental health is a universal human right’. This theme closely aligns with our vision for a world that does not stigmatise young people’s mental health and accepts it as a normal part of human development.


What is Mental Health ?

We all have mental health all the time in the same way that we all have physical health, because we all have a body and a brain! Our mental health is:

  • How we feel about ourselves and those around us
  • Our thought processes 
  • Our emotions
  • Our ability to make and keep friendships and relationships
  • Our ability to learn from others and to develop psychologically and emotionally

We can all experience difficulties with our mental health, just like we all get physically sick sometimes – this is completely normal, and often an appropriate response to really difficult situations and traumas we may be facing.

It’s important to remember that whilst 1 in 4 people will face a mental health difficulty in any given year, 4 in 4 of us have mental health and it is important we look after it!

Check out the resources below to learn more about mental health:


What can I do to look after my mental health ?

  • Take some time for YOU and practice some Self-Care!

Make sure to schedule in some time to look after yourself and practice some Self-Care! This doesn’t have to be an hour-long yoga routine; it could just be spending some time playing a game you really enjoy or taking a 15-minute walk! Check out our dedicated self-care page here for some ideas or our Young Ambassador’s video below.


  • If you feel you need support with your mental health, reach out and ask for help!

This could be from speaking with a friend, family member, co-worker, GP, or a  dedicated mental health service or charity! Remember it is okay to not be okay.

We recognise that it is hard, especially as a young person, to know what support we may need for our mental health and to know what support is available, so we have created a signposting website made by young people for young people.

Looking for Direction will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to help provide you with tailored results based on what you say, your age and your location!

  • Check out our Young Ambassador Resources

Our Young Ambassadors have created a whole host of resources around topics they and other young people have said impacts their mental health, as well as sharing their own experiences, to help other young people take charge of their mental health.

Read their blogs here!
Watch their videos here!


How can I support No5 and local young people’s mental health on World Mental Health Day?

  • Take part in #BePurpleDay

This year, we are inviting local schools, businesses, community groups and  individuals to come together on 10th October, World Mental Health Day, and be part of the first #BePurpleDay to raise funds for local young people’s mental health. By wearing purple this World Mental Day, you will show local young people that their mental health matters and that they aren’t alone.  Find out more here!

  • Become a donor!

You can become a regular donor or give a one-off donation to No5 here! Your contribution allows us to meet more local young people and provide the support they need!

  • Make a pledge of support for #ReadingYoungPeoplesHub!

Pledge your support here to help us open Reading Young People’s Hub – a drop-in, centralised safe space where young people can access all the information, advice and support they need, delivered by a partnership of services, under one roof.

Or why not ‘Buy a Brick’ and add your name to Hub’s mural of supporters? Find out more

Get in touch with us about any other fundraising plans and ideas using the form below!


Get Involved

Your support through fundraising allows us to carry on supporting young people’s mental health.

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