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Managing the Stress of Year 11 and GCSE’s

Year 11 can be a stressful academic year for some young people, so Chloe, who joined us for work experience in summer 2023, wanted to share with you some of her tips and thoughts on managing the stress of Year 11.


Going into Year 11 can be a very stressful time! GCSE’s are soon and teachers will always say ‘Year 11 flys by so fast, soon you will be doing your GCSE’s‘. Year 11 does fly by very quickly, but it is the best year of secondary school. In Year 11, teachers treat you with more independence, you get more privileges. In Year 11, I also found that I really bonded with my peers; we are all in the same boat. And at the end you finish your GCSE’s and get a 3-month summer holiday with no school.


In Year 11 you may feel stressed, it is normal. Just remember that everyone feels that way, even if they do not show it.

For me, I found that going to the gym during my study leave helped me. Many studies have also shown that sporting has really helped stress, I have found that this has also really helped me.

I also found that regular meets with my friend group such as BBQ’s or pool parties helped us all have fun and forget about the stress of exams. I would recommend to all Year 11’s to stick close to your friends as they are going through the same situation as you.



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