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Chloe’s GCSE Revision Resources

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Chloe joined us last summer for work experience following her GCSES and wanted share some of her revision resources and tips to help you with planning and starting your GCSE revision!

Revision Timetable

When I was revising for my GCSE’s, I created a study timetable so that I knew what to study when. This ensured that I revised the number of hours that I needed. If you struggle with one subject, you may want to add more study sessions. I would also recommend taking a 5-minute break every 25 minutes to ensure that you are fully concentrated. It is also essential you have some fun activities such as calling a friend or going round someone’s house and sporting activities such as going to the gym or football practice. There is an example copy below and a clean copy to make your own here. 

 Knowledge List

During my GCSE years I also stuck up above my desk a list to show what I was good at and what I needed work on. I would fill it out in the year in pencil and then anything I did badly in a test or struggled with in class I would put on so I knew what to revise. You can then rub it out and add new things on as you go!

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