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Meet Ruby – No5’s Projects Coordinator!

Hi there! I’m Ruby, and I recently joined No5 as a Projects Coordinator. I am really excited to tune into my new role as a way to further develop my skills and apply my knowledge.


I am currently a university student studying psychology. This subject has been of great interest to me since I was 16. My ambition first began due to my empathetic nature of always wanting to help others. After attending many career events within secondary school, the idea of working within the mental health sector really appealed to me. The subject of psychology became of great interest to me, especially the clinical research into mental health. 


 In 2014, I joined a youth group within my local area by the name of “Together as One.” Within this youth group, I engaged in many projects alongside other young people. One of the projects that I participated in was something very close to my heart, as it involved reflecting on my heritage. The project was called Partition. The project was based around the splitting of Pakistan and India into two individual countries. This project taught me a lot about my ancestry and the horrific experiences individuals had to undergo.

After completing this project, I realised the traumas many individuals faced during this time, and this further inspired me to continue my studies in psychology. My time with this youth group was very beneficial. I was able to make many new friends, my confidence grew, and I made lasting memories with family members who also participated alongside me within this youth organisation.


Between the years of 2014 and 2018, I was having the most amazing years of my life, completing my GCSES and pursuing my A-Levels. However, things took a drastic turn during lockdown in 2019. As I was in the final year of A levels and exams were approaching very quickly, the uncertainty of what was going to happen started to creep in. As the UK went into lockdown, I never really got to say goodbye to my friends or teachers who were there for me during all these years. Everything happened incredibly quickly, and I had no control over what was going to happen to my life.

Things got better for a while; however, the new normal after COVID-19 was very hard to adjust to. A lot of my friends ended up leaving to go to university. The majority of the university classes were online for the first year or so. I had difficulties making friends, as being at home all the time began to make me depressed.

Between the years of 2020 and 2022, I hit a major low point in my life as I began to have crippling anxiety. I had completely lost who I was, and doing daily activities became extremely difficult. I had lost many important people around me. During this period, I was deserted and didn’t think I had a purpose in life anymore. 


If anyone had told me a couple a years ago that I would be sat here at No5 as a Projects Coordinator, I would have never believed them however after everything I have witnessed life is journey, the good and the bad times are what make us grow as individuals and change is always possible. I was inspired by the work of No5 with young people and it aligns with my passions. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and extremely excited to make a difference at No5.  



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