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How Kindness Impacts Your Mental Health

Between the 14th and 28th May, No5 are taking part in the Big Give’s Kind2Mind match-funding campaign to help raise £10,000!

As part of our campaign, we wanted to share the impact kindness can have on your mental health.


Kindness and Mental Health

Studies show that being kind or showing kindness to ourselves and others can make us feel good and have a positive impact on our mental health!

In 2020, The Mental Health Foundation found that 63% of UK adults agree that when other people are kind to them it has a positive impact on their mental health, and the same proportion agree that being kind to others makes them feel good too.

Self-kindness, like giving yourself a compliment or recognition when you achieve something, can help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Showing kindness to others can also help us to connect more with our friends and family, helping to nurture those relationships further and bring you closer.

You can find out more about the science of kindness and it’s benefits here


Young Ambassador’s Kindness Experiences

Our Young Ambassadors feel that kindness is really important too, and they wanted to share what their experiences of kindness have meant to them.

““I always try to say hello, smile and ask how someone’s day is. I have often found that this small act of kindness that doesn’t take much time can make someone feel acknowledged and improve their day” – Tia


“The kind act of receiving a handwritten note from a stranger which read “don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you’re not good enough” has been a beacon of light in my moments of self-doubt. I kept the note as a reminder that kindness has no bounds and has the power to lift spirits and affirm self-worth.” – Sophia (You can watch Sophia’s random act of kindness here!)


Ways You Can Be Kind!

Helping others

Helping others is a great way to show kindness and this doesn’t have to be some big act! It may be letting someone know if they’ve dropped their umbrella in the street, holding the door open for the person behind you, or helping a friend catch up on work from a missed lesson.

Sharing a compliment

Sharing a compliment can really help boost the receivers’ mood and even self-esteem

Don’t forget to compliment yourself too!

Giving to Charity

Giving is one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and according to the NHS, research suggests that acts of giving and kindness can help improve your mental wellbeing by:

  • creating positive feelings and a sense of reward
  • giving you a feeling of purpose and self-worth
  • helping you connect with other people

You can support No5 via our Big Give #Kind2Mind campaign page and see your donation doubled thanks to match-funding!
Find out more and make your donation here!

Show kindness to yourself!

Being kind to yourself is just as important as showing kindness to others! Give yourself some extra time to do something you enjoy or for some self-care, ask for help if you need it instead of struggling with a task alone, or make plans with a friend or family member for something to look forward to!

You can find our self-care resources here!


Become a Random Acts of Kindness Activist

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation have created ‘RAKtivist’s’ (Random Acts of Kindness Activists) to help share kindness and make it the norm! They will help equip you with ideas and resources for sharing kindness at home, school and work.

Find out more here!

Need some more kindness inspiration?

Take a look at Time for Kindness who have 50 ideas for kindness! They also have a blog dedicated to kindness and a stories page full of kindness stories from the public!

Support us in Kind2Mind!

Find out more about our Kind2Mind challenge and how you can double your donation to make twice the difference here!

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