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Angie’s Daily Challenge to Regain Control of Your Day

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Sometimes it can be hard to have a routine in place and sticking to one can be hard sometimes or may feel overwhelming to keep. Procrastination can then creep in and you feel a lack of control over your day.

I failed nearly all of my resolutions and had less discipline, and all-round felt less organised and more apathetic. When I feel like that, I tend to do little about it in the moment, but usually I don’t like feeling like that, and I try to take steps forward to prevent myself from slipping into that state. Small steps. To help me like myself a little more.

Fight Procrastination

So I created a table similar to those found below. A quick 14-day challenge. Actually, a series of them. I had about six going at a time. My targets were rather small, just trying to build small healthy habits through easily achievable actions. “Brush teeth. Shower. Do 30 min of activity outside. Read a chapter of a book you’ve wanted to read for some time now” were some of the labels at the top. And every day I completed the challenge, I gave myself a tick for that day, and a cross for when that challenge was not achieved.
I also tracked my mood and how I felt, in general, that day. I noticed that on days that I brushed my teeth, ran and showered I liked the way I looked a little more. The days I managed to do my reading, I often ended up reading more than a chapter and relaxing as I did it, finding the rest of the day less stressful. The tick I gave myself was both the validation and self-acceptance I needed to make me feel a little better about the whole situation.

Angie’s Advice

Remember to tell yourself each day:
I will succeed some days, and others I will not. I will forgive and love myself despite my shortcomings.
I will be honest with myself, ticking the days I complete the challenge and crossing the days I don’t.
I will not punish myself for the days I do not complete. I will practice self-love regardless.
I will grow and improve as a result of the challenge, no matter how many ticks and crosses are present.
I am worth this and I love myself.

Are you in? Start Your Daily Challenge Today!

Regain control of your day and use the templates here– or why not create your own?!
Remember, set small easily achievable tasks. If you add a time limit-even better, as long as you keep it under 1-2 hours max (for activities such as reading, various art forms or exercise). These are the activities only you hold yourself responsible for: not your parents or school deadlines.
Angie E.S. – No5 Young Ambassador

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