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Stress Bucket

Mental Health Fact Sheets

We know it can be really hard to prioritise self-care when you have deadlines to meet, you are feeling stressed and everything feels overwhelming.

However, taking a few moments to reflect can really help you to understand why you are feeling overwhelmed, break up your work into manageable chunks and focus on not becoming overloaded.

This Stress Bucket activity is a great way to spend some time reflecting and to help balance ‘stressors’ with self-care.


  1. Fill your bucket – write out all the things that contribute to your stress
  2. Empty your tap – write down all the things that help you de-stress that are healthy
  3. ‘Refill’ your bucket – write down all the things that help you de-stress that may not be healthy or contribute to more stress

Things to consider:

Does your bucket seem balanced? Is more going in than coming out? What other things could you do to stop that bucket from overfilling? Could you commit to a half an hour walk every day, taking time to cook nutritious meals and eating them not in-front of a screen, or a video call with a friend?

Balancing the things that cause us stress with ways to de-stress is essential to maintaining good mental health and wellbeing.

Make time for self-care, today and every day!

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