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Sign up to #5KinMay!

Sign up to #5KinMay!

Every May we encourage our supporters, business and corporate partners, local schools and community groups to get involved and take on a challenge to complete or reach 5K – achieving a personal goal whilst helping us raise money for young people’s mental health!

Can you take on a challenge and help No5 to help the hundreds of local young people who need mental health support?

What is #5KinMay?

How it began

Our #5KinMay challenge was born during our Young Ambassador’s 2nd#MakeitforMay in 2021 which encouraged young people to get involved in something creative each day based on a theme.

The 5K in May challenge was highly successful as both a fundraiser for young people’s mental health and in encouraging people to get active, so its happened every May since!

But why the 5K?

The number ‘5’ is a big part of our identity and what better time to take part in a 5K themed challenge then during the 5th month of the year?!

Mental Health Benefits

Being active can have a positive impact on our mental health because it can help us feel calmer, more awake, reduce our feelings of stress and improve our self esteem (read more about this here.) This also links to this year’s theme of ‘movement’ for Mental Health Awareness Week, taking place from the 13th – 19th May!

Getting creative also has a similar impact on our mental health which is why it’s still a key part of our challenge! Research has found that making art can activate reward pathways in the brain (making us feel good!), reduce stress, lower feelings of anxiety and improve our mood (read more about this here)

How do I take part?

Choose your challenge

You can take on a 5K challenge that suits you, whether its active, creative or a mix -take a look at our ideas below to help you get started!

Set up your fundraising page

Once you’ve chosen your challenge, you can set up a fundraising page on JustGiving so people can support your challenge.

Share the news!

Share your plans with your family, friends, colleagues or anyone you know and get them involved too! If you are a business, make sure you send a calendar invite to your team!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media using @no5youngpeople and #5KinMay

Sign Up to #5KinMay 2025!

We are currently planning our #5KinMay challenge and resources for 2025.

Please get in touch if you are planning on taking part and we will send you everything you need.

Key Dates

1st-31st May- #5KinMay Challenge Month

1st-31st May- #5KinMay Challenge Month

13th-19th May - Mental Health Awareness Week

13th-19th May - Mental Health Awareness Week

#5KinMay Challenge Ideas

  • Walk, run, swim or cycle a 5K throughout the month of May – or go one step further and complete a 5K everyday!
  • Read 5,000 pages (around 16-17 fiction books)
  • Walk 5,000 steps every day!
  • Write a short 5,000 word story
  • Do 5,000 star jumps
  • Bake 5,000 cookies
  • Swim or Run a 5K
  • Make 5,000 paper stars (see our tutorial here)
  • Complete a 5,000-piece jigsaw or complete 10 jigsaws of 500 pieces
  • Crochet or Knit 5,000 stitches or rows
  • Score 5,000 goals as a team
  • Sing 5,000 words
  • Or complete 5,000 of anything else!

Whatever challenge you choose to take on, whether it be sporty, arty, or something else, it is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and raise vital funds to support local young people’s mental health!

Why not put together a team with your colleagues, friends or family and complete a shared 5K goal?

#5KinMay Resources!

Did you know No5 offered over 8,600 counselling sessions to young people in 2023?