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Anonymous Story

In 1980 when my daughter was 14 years old, she was a steady, clever and calm girl. Full of life, adventurous with lots of friends and a firm view of her future. It all happened within months of her 15th birthday, her whole view of life changed. Misbehaviour at school, not engaging with friends and family, an underlying discontent with everything. We thought wrongly that it was all about being a teenager, a passing phase and through our patience and help, she would soon be back to her normal self. How naïve we were. Nothing seemed to work, she was totally changed and we felt helpless. Her unhappiness was rampant and her behaviour worsened. She would apologise and thinking that would draw a line under the situation and she would start afresh.
After an incident at school, we were called in to discuss my daughter and how we could work as a team to help her. This is when No5 came into the picture and we booked a consultation. This followed with sessions with the consultant over a number of weeks. It really helped her and opened our eyes to the mental health issues young people have. There was a gradual realisation by all that she suffered and kept quiet about her mental health issues. Life has been up and down for our daughter but we have supported her and she was diagnosed with Bi-polar a number of years ago. Without No5’s intervention, our daughter would not be the woman she has grown to be.


Date of Memory: 1980