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Carly’s Story

Difficulties with my mental health probably started far earlier than I initially realised – I was withdrawing from my family and friends and struggling in school.
My relationship with my Dad had broken down and I had been witness to domestic violence at home. I was very anxious, struggling to sleep, and couldn’t explain how I was thinking or feeling.
I was told about No5 by my Head of Year at school, who recommended I reach out to them and ask for help. My Mum called No5 at first, and I was then encouraged to call and talk to someone myself – that was the best call I ever made! I had 20 weeks of counselling at No5 with a counsellor who made me feel safe and listened to. My counselling gave me a safe space to process how I feel feeling, be angry at the people I needed to be angry at without having to be worried about hurting their feelings.
My counselling helped me to understand that none of what had happened to me was my fault and that it was ok to feel how I was feeling about it. My counsellor gave me the confidence to talk about how I felt, and allowed me to be hurt, angry and sad.
Following my counselling, I became a Young Ambassador for No5. It felt really important to me to give back to the organisation that gave me my life back and allowed me to be me. I also wanted other young people to know that support was our there. As a Young Ambassador, I wrote and delivered talks and workshops in schools and local businesses, and represented No5 as fundraising events.
In July 2018, after graduating from university, I joined the staff team of No5. Now I look after all of our partnerships and support our Young Ambassadors with everything they do.
Without the counselling that I had at No5 I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of the things that I have gone on to do

Date of Memory: 2013