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Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Consent and Healthy Relationships


No5 delivers Mental Health Workshops in schools and colleges in Reading, with the aim to educate, support and build self-awareness in young people around issues they face today.

There are 7 workshops in the series, based on current issues relevant to young people.

Workshops are developed in collaboration with our Young Ambassadors, aged 16-25, and our counsellors at No5.

Workshop 5 – Consent and Healthy Relationships


Enable young people to develop positive attitudes towards relationships in order to reduce risk of abuse and sexual violence, and equip them with skills to engage in healthy relationships.


Students will learn key elements of healthy relationships by identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviours, examine boundaries and trust, and gain tips for healthy communication skills. We’ll also look at facts and myths around consent in sexual relationships, and how greater awareness helps young people to handle close relationships with less risk of being harmed or harming others.


Your students will:

  • Benefit from peer-led education and resources
  • Be more able to identify the components of a healthy relationship and early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship
  • Gain awareness of the scale and impact of abuse and sexual violence
  • Learn what the law says about consent, abuse and sexual violence
  • Be able to look critically at common myths around victim blaming and perpetrator excusing
  • Be better able to negotiate and communicate effectively in relationships
  • Be able identify/signpost appropriate support

Cost: £175

These sessions are ideally delivered to groups of up to 25 young people