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Mental Health Workshops for Corporates

My Story


No5 delivers Mental Health Workshops in schools, colleges, community groups/clubs and workplaces in Reading, with the aim to educate, support and build self-awareness in young people, and those who support them, around issues they face today.

There are 7 workshops in the series, based on current issues relevant to young people.

Workshops are developed in collaboration with our Young Ambassadors, aged 16-25, and our counsellors at No5. They are currently being delivered by No5’s Projects Coordinator, Abbie, and No5’s Outreach and Wellbeing Support Counsellor, Nathanya, both who have lived experience of No5’s service.

Workshop 1 – My Story


Deliver a peer-led lived experience of mental health difficulties and recovery to participants, and educate them on the importance of mental health to our overall wellbeing.


One of our deliverers will share their story of having experienced mental health issues, and receiving counselling at No5. We’ll look at how and why our mental health is as important as our physical health, and how they affect each other. Participants will be given the opportunity to tell ‘their story’ via a timeline exercise.


Participants will:

  • Benefit from peer-led education
  • Better understand “mental health” and “mental health difficulties”, and how they differ
  • Be introduced to mental health as something that we all have, like physical health
  • Learn that experiencing mental health difficulties is nothing to be ashamed of
  • Think about their own lives and how their experiences shape them as people
  • Gain knowledge in how to look after their mental health

Cost: £120 per 1 hour session

These sessions are ideally delivered to groups of up to 25 participants