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Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Stigma and Loneliness


No5 delivers Mental Health Workshops in schools and colleges in Reading, with the aim to educate, support and build self-awareness in young people around issues they face today.

There are 7 workshops in the series, based on current issues relevant to young people.

Workshops are developed in collaboration with our Young Ambassadors, aged 16-25, and our counsellors at No5.

Workshop 6 – Stigma and Loneliness


Tackle mental health stigma in young people and raise awareness of the need to support one another.


We’ll look at mental health stigma faced by young people, and the loneliness this can cause. Students will learn about the importance of maintaining both their physical and mental health, looking after themselves and looking out for others, and how we can challenge stigma in our local and online communities.


Your students will:

  • Benefit from peer-led education and resources
  • Develop an understanding of types of stigma and the importance of language we use about mental health
  • Understand the impact of stigma on young people
  • Be able to articulate the important difference between mental health and mental illness
  • Explore their own attitudes to mental health stigma
  • Learn about myths around mental health/mental health difficulties
  • Understand that changeable levels of mental wellbeing are a normal part of life experience
  • Feel more confident to talk about mental health

Cost: £175

These sessions are ideally delivered to groups of up to 25 young people